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Graham Mutton -

Graham Mutton

Graham is an experienced professional from within the energy sector, with over 30 years experience gained by working with various energy suppliers. He has also worked with major customers in both the SME and Industrial & Commercial markets.

Graham says, ‘For a business to stay ahead of the competition in today’s rapidly changing energy market, it is essential to prepare well in advance of contract renewal dates, and to be ready to act as, and when, opportunities in the market present themselves. Suppliers are constantly updating their products and services to take account of the changing market. Keeping up with developments is no longer practical for the vast majority of customers and this is one of the many areas where we can help.’

Tony Watson -

Tony Watson

Tony comes from a customer service background spanning some 26 years and has experience dealing with all types of customers.

Having started his working life in the financial services sector he has progressed through the FMCG and capital goods sectors ending up in the utilities marketplace in 1997.

Tony says, ‘We all have an in-depth knowledge of utility markets and enjoy excellent working relationships with the major supply companies, which allows us to source the best offers and services in the market on behalf of our clients. However, it’s not all about price. In addition to procurement solutions, we are able to assist in all aspects relating to utilities, including energy audits, dispute resolution and bill checking. It is all about providing superior customer service, which is paramount’.

Tony  Singh -

Tony Singh

Tony has spent most of the last 15 years in the utility industry gaining experience in a number of key disciplines in the provision of energy supplies to end users.

Tony says, ‘Price is important but the best way to save money is not to use the service in the first place. It’s well known that a 20% reduction in energy consumption can have the same bottom line impact as a 5% increase in sales. We encourage our clients to take a long-term view and Utility Assist can identify cost-effective actions for energy efficiency improvements.’

Helga  Mutton -

Helga Mutton

Helga is our engineering industry expert.  Being a Chartered and time served engineer she has worked worldwide with international companies including the likes of Rolls Royce, Boeing and Mitsubishi.  Helga brings a breadth of industry knowledge to Utility Assist which is unrivalled in helping to provide solutions and advice. 

Helga says, service is a major contributor to client satisfaction. Just as important as, or maybe even more important than, cost. If a client isn't receiving a level of service that meets or exceeds his or her expectations, that client won't be a client for very long. In addition, that client's experience with Utility Assist may affect how potential clients view our company. People do talk and share information. In many instances service may be the one thing that distinguishes a company from the competition. A bad reputation for service may compromise a company's position in the marketplace. I’m pleased to say that the Team here at Utility Assist are always totally committed to exceeding expectations.

Kay Warrington -

Kay Warrington

Kay is an experienced accountancy professional, with over thirty years’ experience gained by working with a major UK bank and as an independent accountant. Kay has worked with SME and Industrial clients, joining Utility Assist at Company formation to act as their internal accountant/auditor.

Kay says, ‘Legislation and tax law is constantly evolving and changing and Utility Assist insist on being fully compliant in all areas. Helping the company to keep-up-to date enhances our awareness of planned changes to legislation and new precedents. These in turn help us make better decisions, and spot threats and opportunities early on, giving us a competitive edge. It is especially important that I feed into sales and marketing, where it helps the company identify and take advantage of the sales opportunities that come our way.’

Let us review your energy

We can save you money by finding the best deals for you and your time by managing the entire process, removing the hassle of dealing with the various agencies.

What I enjoyed the most about working with Graham was that he and the whole Team at Utility Assist really listened to the schools wants and needs. Because of their efficiency and thorough understanding of what we were looking for, they not only saved us money with excellent energy saving advice and the placement of our existing supplies but also more money during  the installation of new gas and electricity supplies to a major new block we were developing.

P Addams

Burser (Private School) 


I have found Utility Assist to be very competent and totally professional in their dealings with my company and I do not hesitate recommending them for similar employment elsewhere.

When it comes to negotiating with power companies I believe in trusting the experts and Utility Assist fit the role perfectly. They have always been efficient and totally professional.

No question ever goes unanswered, and their knowledge in their field is second to none. This knowledge resulted in us making an additional saving of over £35,000 per year on top to the excellent tendering results they obtained for us.

Having had bad experiences with other brokers Tony Singh restored my faith, he, like the rest of the Utility Assist organisation is professional and precise, he kept to committed deadlines and is a pleasure to work with.

Z Mian,


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